Vincitori del premio internazionale della cooperazione

Vincitori del premio della cooperazione internazionale – Oscar internazionale delle esposizioni museali :


The 17th (2019) National Museum Top Ten Exhibition Awards was announced in Nanjing on the 18th, and the “World of Man and God——Special Exhibition of Ancient Sichuan Civilization” submitted by Sichuan won the top ten exhibitions of international and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan cooperation Awards.

The “Top Ten National Exhibition and Exhibition Excellence Award” can be said to be the “Oscar” of museum exhibitions. The award-winning exhibitions are the representatives of the highest level of domestic museum exhibitions. The event lasted 23 years from 1997 to 2020 and has been successfully held 17 Session.

The opening of the second leg of the exhibition coincided with a meeting between senior leaders of China and Italy in Rome. As one of the key projects to deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Italy, this exhibition has been given more cultural responsibilities and missions, and is of great significance for enhancing cultural exchanges between China and Italy.